Friday, July 7, 2017

SmartLever™ Multifunctional Storage and Workstations

Metro's new SmartLever™ Multifunctional Storage and Workstations offer an open design that provides visibility and access to all items by eliminating the need for front upright supports.  SmartLever™ can be configured as a freestanding unit or as add-ons to give you ultimate flexibility for any layout or process improvement project.

SmartLever™ Storage PRO Kit  |  Item no. SM76-PRO-4 Series

  • Modular:  Use add-on units to create continuous storage and/or workstations with standard Super Erecta shelving, SmartWall grids and Accessories.
  • Strong & Robust:  Sturdy support arms carry a load of up to 600 lbs. per shelf plus 1000 lbs. per Dunnage rack for a total load bearing capacity of 2800 lbs. per unit. 
  • Adjustable:  Make the most out of every square inch.  SmartLever™ support arms with 2" vertical adjustability, allows you to make the most use of vertical space on every level.
  • Easy Access:  The ability to access the items you need, providing faster, efficient and accurate service to your customers
SmartLever™ Storage KIT shown w/Add-On Unit  |  Item no. SM76-ADD-NK3-4 Series

With SmartLever™ you can create cantilever workstations that deliver big on productivity, providing the options, configurations and durability to improve any workflow process.  Workstations can be easily customized for job function and employee requirements with shelf, stainless steel worksurface, SmartWall grids and accessory selections.

SmartLever™ Pro Workstation  |  Item no. SLWS76-PRO Series

SmartLever™ is compatible with your choice of standard Super Erecta wire, solid, louver or Super Erecta PRO shelving.  The SmartLever™ upright structure is fabricated in heavy gauge cold rolled steel electroplated with a dark gray epoxy coating and stainless steel hardware.  SmartLever™ carries a (10) year limited warranty against rust formation.  Select from pre-configured Kits, Add-On Units or individual components in a wide variety of sizes.

SmartLever™ Manager Station  |  Item no.  SLWS76-FG-2 Series

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