Monday, November 10, 2014

ESD Storage, Cart and Control Products

Metro offers a wide variety of ESD Storage, Carts and Control Products to protect circuit boards and other electronic products from electrostatic charge.  Generally speaking, all nickel-chrome plated and stainless steel Metro Super Erecta Shelving products can be classified as conductive, provided aluminum split sleeves are used to secure shelves to  posts, and concurrently, provide at least one path ground via a grounding cable and/or conductive casters.

Stencil Storage Rack  |  Item No:  SSRB2442C

Storage Racks and Containers
 Stencil Frame Racks  |  Reel Storage Rack  |  Bin Racks
 Open Starsys Stationary  |  Gowning Room Racks
Clean Tables  |  Divider Tote Boxes, Lids & Bins

Open Starsys  |  Item No:  SXRD510MQESD

Mobile Carts 
Utility Carts  |  PCB Carts  |  Kitting Carts  |  Benchside Carts  
  Open Starsys Mobile  |  Gowning Room Carts
SmartTray System  |  Basic Tray Carts  |  Bin Carts 
PCB Grid Boards  |  BAS or CAS

PCB Grid Boards  |  Trays & Tray Inlays  |  Paper Work Baskets
Label Holders  |  Tote Box Card Holders  |  Cart Covers
Color Shelf Markers
Grounding Cable  |  Item No:  ASKCR
  Control Products
Grounding Cables  |  Aluminum Split Sleeves  |  Casters
Plastic Split Sleeves  |  Super Adjustable Sleeve Kits  
Aluminum Split Sleeves  |  Item No:  9986S
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