Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Super Erecta Shelving System

It's all about shelf connections....and Metro's Super Erecta Shelving System offers (3) options, all available in a multitude of sizes and finishes.  Experience a higher level of flexibility that includes mobile, stationary, wall-mounted and high density applications with nearly 100 specialized accessories.

Original Super Erecta

Original Super Erecta with its tapered plastic split sleeves allows quick and easy assembly of a unit without the use of any special tools.  Split sleeves snap together around each post to provide a positive lock at 1" (25mm) increments.*  Original Super Erecta offers a variety of shelf types that include:  slanted, cantilever, solid and Drop Mat.
*Maximum weight capacity:  48" (1219mm) or shorter = 800 lb. (363kg) per shelf
*Maximum weight capacity:  Longer than 48" (1219mm) = 600 lb. (273kg) per shelf

Super Adjustable Super Erecta

Super Adjustable Super Erecta utilizes a corner release system that allows quick and easy reposition of shelves after assembly.  With this tool-free design, you can recapture wasted vertical space anywhere along the post as your storage requirements vary.  Super Adjustable is fully compatible with Original Super Erecta and may be used within the same unit.*
*Maximum weight capacity:  48" (1219mm) or shorter = 800 lb. (363kg) per shelf
*Maximum weight capacity:  Longer than 48" (1219mm) = 600 lb. (273kg) per shelf

qwikSLOT Super Erecta

qwikSLOT Super Erecta with slotted posts and shelf clips, is one of the most flexible and adjustable shelving systems available.  This unique design allows for the addition, removal or adjustment of intermediate shelves in seconds on 1" (25mm) increments.  Each qwikSLOT shelf rests securely on support clips.  The shelf may be easily raised to move clips to a desired post slot for repositioning.  Shelves may also be  slanted for gravity flow or merchandising applications.  qwikSLOT units require Original Super Erecta shelves top and bottom for rigidity.  qwikSLOT shelves are also available with as a Drop Mat shelf featuring a built-in 1" (25mm) ledge on all sides.  qwikSLOT Posts are compatible with Original Super Erecta and Super Adjustable shelves.**
**Maximum weight capacity:  300 lb. (135kg) per shelf 

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