Friday, March 11, 2016

Increasing Your Storage Efficiency with MetroMax 4 Shelving

BE-IT FOR FOOD SERVICE, health care, laboratory, hospitality or other types of industry, providing quality storage solutions is important for any organization.  Products and supplies need to be stored in an efficient and safe manner to save time and maintain cost control.  Metro Shelving Products provides quality commercial storage solutions for a wide variety of applications and environments.  MetroMax 4 Shelving is the latest addition to the MetroMax Platform product family.  Consider the following MetroMax 4 Polymer Shelving benefits when evaluating your company's requirements:

MetroMax 4 Convenience Pak  |  5MX4-S Series Shown

MetroMax 4 Shelving offers various component parts to create a variety of configurations, allowing optimal storage for a multitude of products.
  • Interchangeable posts and shelving options to maximize storage opportunities.
  • Select from open grid and/or solid shelf mat options.
  • Multiple post height options in polymer or epoxy coated steel.
  • Additional components and accessories can be added to new or existing configurations at any point in time as your needs evolve.

MetroMax Q Steel Post (left)  |  MetroMax i Polymer Post (right)


MetroMax 4 Shelves have circumferential capture of corner posts for superior stability, long term performance and structural integrity.  This rigid construction delivers stationary units with a maximum load capacity of 2000 lbs (907kg) evenly distributed.  Designed for what you store most, individual shelves have a maximum load capacity of 400 lbs. (181kg) evenly distributed.  Shelf mats, beams and polymer posts are infused with Microban antimicrobial product protection and carry a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion (epoxy coated steel posts with Microban carry a 15 year warranty against rust and corrosion).  The removable shelf mats, with flat smooth surfaces to protect packaged contents from unwanted rips, tears or damage, are easily cleaned in sink or commercial washer.

MetroMax 4 Self w/Open Grid Mats  |  Item:  MX4G Series


MetroMax 4 pre-assembled shelving is available in varying lengths with 6" (152mm) shelf mats.  In addition, there is a multitude of accessories that includes:  post clamps and foot plates for added stability, handles and casters for mobility and dividers, ledges and enclosure panels for improved operational efficiency.  Label holders allow quick access to supplies, maximizing time that can lead to less waste and fewer expired items.  MetroMax 4 Shelves are also compatible with MetroMax Q Security Units for use as intermediate shelving.  Security units are designed to protect valuable or sensitive stored items from loss or pilferage, while the open wire grid construction maintains visibility of contents for ease of inventory control.

MetroMax 4 Shelf Divider  |  Item No.  MX4-D24-8

Metro Shelving Products offers a wide range of quality shelving options, related utility carts and accessories to meet your ever changing needs.  For more information, please visit our website or contact our Product Specialists for specification assistance, special configurations and/or quotation requests.

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